Every woman desires to have a perfect figure, as it helps her feel more confident. Though some women naturally have a perfect body, not all are that lucky. One body part that most women desire to change is her breast. Girls with smaller breasts, usually lack confidence, and are not able to wear all kinds of outfit, and thus they are always in the search of methods that can help them increase the size of their breasts.

Even though surgeries and breast implants can help increase the breast size, these methods can be expensive, and can also be harmful in the long run. This does not mean you cannot increase your breast size at all. In fact, there are various natural methods, following which, you can get bigger breast naturally, and some such methods have been discussed below.




To increase your breast size fast, the most important thing you need to do is focus on your diet. Remember that just by eating these foods you cannot enjoy huge growth, but if these foods form a part of your natural breast enhancement routine, then the results are sure going to be great. The list of food mentioned below are rich in phytoestrogen, which will stimulate the estrogen levels in your body, and thus increase your breast size naturally. Some foods that you must include to improve the estrogen levels of your body are:

Soymilk – 1 Cup of soymilk alone has about 30 mg phyto-estrogens, called flavones. This milk is made from soybeans, and you can easily find it in grocery stores.

Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds is rich in a phytoestrogen called lignans. By just eating one-ounce flaxseeds, you can provide your body about 85 mg phytoestrogen.

Sesame seeds – Sesame seeds are also rich in phytoestrogen known as lignan. Sesame seeds are popularly used to garnish various dishes. If you consume just one ounce of sesame seeds, you will be offering your body about 11 mg phytoestrogen.


Soybeans – soybeans should also form a part of your diet if you want to increase your breast size naturally. Soybeans are also rich in phytoestrogen, which is known as isoflavones.

Other foods that are rich in phytoestrogen, and should form a part of your daily diet includes vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Fruits like peaches, oranges, strawberries, cherries and melons should also form a part of your daily diet. Fishes that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and whole grain foods will also prove to be very helpful.




How-to-make-my-boobs-bigger-5To increase your breast size fast, together with having the right food, you also need to exercise on a regular basis. Given below are some exercises that can make your breasts look bigger, shapelier, perkier, and firmer.


Chest Presses – This exercise helps build pectoral muscles located right underneath your breasts. To perform this exercise, you need to lay down on your back, with your knees bend, and your feet placed flat on the floor. Now, grab a pair of dumbbells in both your hands. The weight of the dumbbells should be such that you can manage easily. About 5 to 20 pounds would be perfect. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle, and now using your chest muscle, raise the dumbbells up towards the ceiling, and bring them close to each other. Perform the chest press exercise 15 – 20 reps, 2-3 sets, at least thrice every week.

Side Swerves – This exercise will tone up your chest muscles, and give you breasts a firmer appearance. To get started, you need to sit down, with your back straight. Now, keep your arms on your hips, and turn towards your left, as much as possible. Stay in this position for few seconds, come back to the original position, and then turn towards your right side similarly. This exercise will particularly tone up the sides of your breasts.


Breast Massage


Massaging your breasts regularly will also help increase their size naturally. If you massage your breast on a regular basis for 30 minutes each day, then you can notice an increase by about one cup size after one month.

Breast massage improves blood flow and flow of phytoestrogen present in the bloodstream towards your breasts. As you massage your breasts, the production of prolactin is also stimulated, which is a breast-enlarging hormone.


To start massaging, you first need to rub both your palms together vigorously for few seconds. This will help generate energy and heat. Now, place your palms on your breasts, and start massaging them inwards (anticlockwise on your left breast and clockwise on your right breast). You should complete at least 300 full circles, every night and morning, for a month. Make sure you keep rubbing your hands together at regular intervals to regenerate the energy and heat.


Wear the right type of clothing


While this may not help you get bigger boobs, it can however make your breasts appear somewhat bigger and also boost your confidence as you try other natural ways of increasing your breast size. The good news is that the bra industry offers numerous options for creating illusion of having bigger boobs. Among these options include padded bras, gels inserts and silicone breast enhancers among other options.

So, all you need to do is eat right, exercise, and massage your breasts regularly, and also wear the right type of clothing, so you can increase the size of your breasts naturally. However, there will not be any overnight changes, so do not give up, follow these steps meticulously, and you certainly will be happy with the results.


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